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Equipment Equipments
Precise Wire Cut Machine    Q'ty Precise Wire Cut Machine    Q'ty
Precise Wire Cut Machine 7 Software-visi(3D) 40
Drilling Machine 2 Software-presscad(2D) 4
Miller 1 Software of CNC-visi(3D) 1
Grinder 16 Software of CNC-CAM(2D) 1
Lathe 1 Pro/ENGINEER 1
CNC Milling Machine 1 Software of wire cutting-presscad(2D) 2
Electrical Sparkle Machine 1 Computers 40
Electric Discharge Machine 2
Universal Cutter Grinder 2
Precise Inner hole Boring Machine 1
Precise Inner Hole Grinder 2
Stamping Machine(250T/200T) 1 for each

CNC Milling Machine








Precise Wire Cut Machine


Electric Discharge Machine


Precise Inner hole Boring Machine


Precise Inner Hole Grinder




Roundness Measuring Equipment


2D Measurement Equipment


Hardness Tester


Height Gauge



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